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New Forever Author: Yessi Smith

Title: New Forever Author: Yessi Smith

We are so thrilled to debut the brand new trailer for New Forever!

New Forever-eBook   Synopsis Haunted by a past Max can’t seem to escape, he invests everything he is into Hayley. He pampers her and shows her a love she never knew she could experience. His entire life revolves around making her happy and eventually protecting her from his demons. Even if that means hurting her in the process. While Max tries to pick up the pieces of his broken past, Hayley protects her own heart the best way she knows how - through laughter and mayhem. But when secrets unravel, both must decide what is most important. Feeling more vulnerable than ever before, they must fight for each other and for themselves.
**This is an interconnected standalone for Love, Always. **


  Excerpt Hayley I tap Jill on the shoulder and smile when she looks back at me. “I know you,” I tell her and she narrows her eyes at me, trying to place my face. “I’m Hayley,” I offer. “And this is…” “Dee Acosta!” Kelly yells, cutting me off before I can introduce my apparently famous friend. Both girls jump off their stools and hug Dee, who is smiling so big you’d think they just announced her as the lottery winner. Which I guess in the literary world she pretty much has, since she’s being recognized so easily. “Like I said.” I smile as I watch the three women talk. “I’m just some silly little peon with visions of grandeur, so I hang out with famous people.” “And you,” Jill says, pointing at me, “are Dee’s crazy friend.” “That’s me.” I smile. “We’re having dinner and drinks at the table over there. Why don’t you girls join us?” “Okay,” Jill agrees. “But I have a firm no boys allowed rule.” “Perfect. We’re having a vagina-free-for-all this weekend anyway.” “Unless one of the models wants to sit with us.” Kelly winks and we all nod our head. “So why no boys?” I ask, taking another sip of my wine and signaling our waitress for another. “I caught my boyfriend sleeping with another girl this morning,” Jill tells us causally as if she were advising us of the weather. “Oh no!” Dee gasps, much more horrified than Jill seems to be. “I’m so sorry.” “Eh,” Jill waves her worries away. “He wasn’t much of a catch anyway. I’m just pissed because I made him soup when he said he wasn’t feeling well, and when I went to his apartment I saw him balls deep inside another girl. He didn’t see me,” she rolls her eyes, “so I left and he’s been texting me all day, trying to figure out why I’m not responding.” Dee pats Jill’s shoulder while my mind comes up with the perfect plan, befitting of a cheating bastard. “Do you still have the soup you made him?” I ask, smiling back at Dee and my new friends. “Yeah.” Jill grins back at me, while Dee squeezes my arm with an almost silent squeal. “That’s L.A. Casey!” Dee whispers excitedly in my ear. “Go finger her,” I whisper back. “Then bring her back over here,” I say more loudly. “She can help us with our mission.” Dee nods at me while Jill and Kelly look back at me curiously. *** “More!” I shout over the giggles bouncing off the walls in our hotel room. “More what?” L.A., better known as Lee, asks. “Wine?” “Laxatives.” I pass three more tablets to Kelly for her to smash and put in the ex-douchebag’s chicken soup. “We don’t want to kill him,” Dee warns and I roll my eyes at her. “We’re not gonna kill him. Just give him severe diarrhea,” I declare, sending the girls into another fit of laughter. “One more tablet,” Jill compromises, taking it from Kelly and crushing the last tablet finely before mixing it into the soup. “And… we’re done!” “Before you go, a toast.” I make sure everyone has their wine glasses in hand. “To douchebags everywhere.” “May they forever shit themselves,” Lee adds. “And think of us, the women who destroyed them, as they pray to the porcelain goddess.” We raise our glasses and drink in celebration to our womanhood and overall superiority before we part ways for the night. .    

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Author Bio

  Yessi Smith lives in South Florida with her husband, seven year old son and newborn baby. She is also owned by a neurotic Border Collie and “ferocious” Rottweiler. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and a Master’s in Human Resource Management and has held several jobs, from picking up dog poop to upper management positions. And now she hopes to leave the business world behind so she can live full time in a world that does not exist until she places her fingers on a keyboard and brings them to fruition. She is the proud Momma of Life’s A Cappella and Love, Always  

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