Services and Fees

Copy Editing for grammar and spelling, continuity, etc. 
Line Editing to point out over used words, passive voices, repetitiveness, sentence flow, etc.
Content Editing for inconsistent characters, plot weakness, POV errors, etc. and cover feedback. 
If you send me the doc in word format I can make any updates and track the changes so you are able to see them. I do not expect any upfront payment and on the first book if you do not feel I earned my fee I am willing to negotiate. I want to make sure you are satisfied so you send me more books
I can usually finish a 400 page book in about a day or two depending on how busy I am and how well the book flows
Just for Fun
I currently read for several Authors. I plan to continue to do so for my enjoyment. If you are in need of a Beta reader please send me an email or text. Depending on the type of request fees may apply. Rates
I charge $0.001 per word. Generally a page is approximately 250 words. A 400 page book consists of approximately 100,000 words. The word count does not include the title page, dedication page or author notes, unless specified.

100,000 words  = $100
75,000  words = $75
25,000 words  = $25
10,000 words = $10


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