Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Unexpected Changes

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Title: Unexpected Change Author: K.D. Sarks Genre: New Adult Release Date: February 10, 2015

Unexpected Change - Kindle Cover Final Synopsis How do you let go of pain when you have experienced the worst? Emelyn Pier thought the worst happened on that fateful day. Unable to stay where her memories haunt her, she moves in with her aunt in Carlsbad, California. Her only hope was to start over somewhere new where she can raise her son and get her college degree. What Emelyn didn’t expect was to meet the one person who may be able to help her heal. Just when she thinks she's ready to take a chance on love, her past collides with her hopeful future. What happens when tragedy strikes again? Will Emelyn be able to cope this time, or will she run again? Alex Montgomery didn’t know buying an old Bar and Grill would lead him to the person he is meant to spend forever with nor did he plan on her being so emotionally unavailable. Will Alex stick around when things get too rough and be the one person she can count on, or will he let her pain and fear drive him away. Can love alone heal a broken heart when it feels it's shattered beyond repair? Or can the unexpected change everything? 6881a-add-to-goodreads-button31  
Unexpected Change Teaser #5 Excerpt   “Hey there little guy, my name is Micah. I’m your dad.” Corbin doesn’t know what a dad is, never having one. But being the outgoing little boy that he is, he sticks his little chubby hand out to Micah, who extends his much larger one and they shakes hands. Father and son, shaking hands and touching for the first time. Micah looks up at me with a beautiful smile. One full of pure happiness and love. I can see his eyes getting misty as he takes in his son for the first time. I feel a smidge of regret that he doesn’t know about Gavin yet or that he wasn’t included from the start. I couldn’t imagine meeting my kid for the first time after more than two years. I wonder if Micah sees how similar they are looking at Corbin, I’m still seeing things that Micah does that remind me of Corbin. My own eyes tearing up at such a beautiful first meeting between two people. After shaking his hand, Corbin turns to me and says, “Wets go.” I smile down at him. “Lead the way, Cor.” He takes off running straight for the playground just ahead of us. I look over to Micah, still with a smile. ”He is full of energy,” I laugh lightly. “He is pretty amazing.” He looks over to me his happiness radiating off of him. “I never thought I would fall in love at first sight, but I’m pretty sure that is what happened back there.” I nod my head in full agreement. “It is an incredible feeling.” We play on the slides and swings for a little while before I decide I’m comfortable with the two of them alone together and can head to the tree to get some studying done. “Hey if you are comfortable, I’ll head over. I’ll just be twenty feet away so if you need me just yell my name,” I say to Micah, who nods his head in agreement while I bend down to talk to Corbin. “Hey buddy. I’m going to go over there to do some school work. I won’t be far. Micah is going to play with you,” I say then kiss his forehead. “Otay Mama,” he replies before taking off for the stairs that lead to the biggest slide. My emotions are torn. I’m happy he seems to be comfortable with Micah but he didn’t put up a fight at all over me leaving. “Have fun boys!” I yell as I make my over to the tree. I sit and watch them play more than I study or do any school work. It’s effortless between them, like they have known each other since the beginning. I can see them laughing with each other and wonder what could be so funny. I didn’t know how it was going to go today but so far it has far exceeded what I could have ever thought. Micah seems to have grown up from that twenty-one-year-old kid I met years ago. I didn’t really know him then, and am just getting to know him now. I’m interrupted by the ding coming from my purse. Alex – I miss you, Emelyn.   Unexpected Change Teaser #3   Author Bio Born and raised in the capitol of Nevada, K.D. Sarks lives with her husband, Ryan, who also happens to be her high school sweetheart. Together they have two amazing and rambunctious little ones keeping her on her toes throughout the day while she tries to write and corral them! Her guilty pleasure is watching trash reality TV and indulging in amazing reads while sipping hot tea!
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