Friday, January 23, 2015

Tempt Me When the Sun Goes Down ~ Lisa Olsen

Author: Lisa Olsen
Title: Tempt Me When the Sun Goes Down
Release Date: January 20th 2015
Cover Artist: Robot Brain Design


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“There are times when you should respond to a crisis with dignity and a level head. This was not one of those times.”

Whether it stems from love or a sense of responsibility, Anja will do whatever it takes to break the curse and set Rob free, but the price might prove too high. Knowing the circumstances that led to Rob’s betrayal, Anja does her best to forgive him – but can she forget? And where does Bishop’s long lost Sire fit in? Bishop’s made no secret of the fact that he loves Anja, but will that love survive when Carys crooks her finger? Carys has spent her entire life being catered to and adored; what will she think of this newbie vamp who’s taken her place at Jakob’s side and in Bishop’s heart? Ancient curses and past betrayals aside, Anja just might find that the hardest obstacle to overcome is a green eyed monster.

“I know the hunger you’re feeling.”

“Beg pardon?” was all that tumbled out when he advanced another step and I retreated, backing up slowly.

He licked his lips, leaving them juicy and ripe for the tasting. “Under the skin, burning hot until you feel like you’ll go up in flames. I can satisfy that craving.”

My mind literally went blank. All the words winked out of existence, leaving only the last five he’d just uttered. My lips parted, but not a sound came out except for the breath that rushed past my teeth as he backed me up against the door.

“You need to feed.”

I wasn’t sure if that negated or supported the double entendre he’d been weaving, but it did un-stick my tongue. “Oh… oh right. Yes, I guess I do.” I’d spent so much time making sure he was well fed I’d neglected my own appetite.

“Go on then, have a taste. I’ve fed well enough today. I’ve got enough to spare.”

My mouth watered at the thought, that tantalizing taste earlier at the feeder club just enough to make me thirst for more. But it was such a bad idea on so many levels, the least being, he needed to hang onto his blood more than I did.

“Oh… I don’t think that’s such a good idea.” Our boundaries were already fuzzy enough. Throwing feeding into the mix was bound to make it even more murky.

“You sure?” He leaned in close, inhaling slowly, as if savoring the scent of my hair. “I think we can do better than good.”


US * UK * CA * AU

I am a writer, wife and mother of two currently living in the Pacific Northwest. I am a complete TV addict (have to have it on at all times, even when I'm writing). I also enjoy online RPG's, singing, reading, cooking... lots more I can't think of at the moment.

The supernatural has long been my favorite to write and read. Werewolves, vampires, witchcraft, ghosts, things that go bump in the night; these are a few of my favorite things to write about. Not sparkly beings with phenomenal cosmic power that are always the smartest, bravest, prettiest Mary Sue to walk the planet, but real people who just happen to have this little quirk...

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