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A Meeting at the Grocery Store ~ Natasha Lane

natasha bannernatashalaneTitle: A Meeting at the Grocery Store Author: Natasha Lane Release Date: September 3, 2014Publisher: Books To Go Now
Natalie has been hurt and disappointed by the people who were supposed to love her. Now she has decided that the only life to live is one of seclusion. Spending most of her days alone, one night Natalie ventures out for a cup of coffee to “bring her back to life,” only to bump into a stranger destined to become part of her life. His name is Jaheim and he is determined to be a dependent for Natalie, despite how hard she tries to fight against his efforts. Jaheim is offering his hand, but there is no guarantee Natalie will take it. With the past both tempting and warning her, Natalie is not sure if she can ever not be alone.
“Don’t,” he said. “I want to see you.” I closed my eyes and absorbed his words. Why was he so sweet? How did he know what to say to me? My heart began to race and I started breathing heavily. He moved his body closer to mine and I knew I had no escape. I sunk into him, but the truth was, I wasn’t ready. I placed my hand onto his chest. “Jaheim, I know…I haven’t been with someone since my last boyfriend. I don’t think I can…right now.” He smiled with soft eyes. “I would never make you do something you don’t want to do.” His thumb ran across my bottom lip, but can I at least kiss you?” “I-“ I didn’t have time to respond. His lips came crashing down on mine as he moved his hands all over my body. His mouth was hot. It had been so long since I had known this type of warmth. I thought about the last time me and- “No. He’s gone.” Jaheim leaned further into the kiss. I reached up to him and placed my hand on his shoulder. His tongue glided slyly across my lips. I gasped and he pulled away with a smile. I stared up at him wide eyed and blushing. “Sorry,” I said with a rising chest. “I didn’t…that was unexpected.” His eyes had misted over. He smiled. “I’m full of the unexpected, Natalie.” He came back down and put his lips on mine. A strong desire awakened in me and my body pushed into his. He placed his hand on my back while I grabbed onto his shirt. One hand moved down to my thigh, slowly inching its way up my dress. I moaned in his mouth, begging him to go on. I wanted to be careful, but I, also, wanted him. Closer and closer he came to the spot that had gone untouched for too long.
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natashalanepic Natasha Lane was born and raised in Baltimore City, MD. She attended Baltimore Polytechnic Institute, a science and math focused school, but went on to study entrepreneurship and journalism at Juniata College in Huntingdon, PA. While in college she began working as a freelance writer and professional blogger. Today she continues to write, brainstorm new book ideas and continues her education with the hope that one day she will be able to work in the nonprofit sector.  
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