Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Lost and Found ~ Megan Fields

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Lost and Found
by Megan Fields

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A couple torn apart, reunited after more than ten years. Will they find their way back to each other, or will secrets destroy their chance at love?

Ella lost all hope years ago after an abusive relationship with her ex that almost left her dead. Needing control over her life, Ella turned to BDSM. She needs the control and trust the lifestyle of being Mistress of the House brings. What will happen when Ella is reunited with her first love, her first everything? Revealing her secret could push Jack away forever.

Jack was forced to move with his family, leaving Ella behind. He never forgot his one true love though. Now back in London with his brother, he wants to reconnect with her, but will he be able to accept the woman she has become? Will Jack be able to look past the abuse and the fact that his sweet Ella is now a Mistress with her own club? Can Jack submit to Ella and be the submissive she needs?

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