Monday, September 1, 2014

Their Tangled Hearts ~ May DeWeber

Book Blurb for Their Tangled Hearts by Mary DeWeber

Emma had spent the last five years learning to cope with tragedy. She should have known that Doc had something up his sleeve when he'd talked her into taking a cooking job at a Colorado cattle ranch. Cooking was the easy part. Working with disabled children was something she was decidedly not prepared for. Throw in a tall dark mountain of a man with a voice like warm velvet and she was completely over her head! It would take God to straighten out the tangled mess she had made of her 

Snippet #3
“Do you like to fish?”
“I used to, but I’m afraid I was never any good at it.”
“I’m not surprised.” He teased. “I’ll bet you were one of those kids, who wouldn't hold still long enough to drown a worm.”
“There was way too much to do, and too many places for me to explore.” She threw him an inquiring glance. “How did you know?”
“Because I haven’t seen you hold completely still since you moved here and, you haven’t been still since you sat down either. Do I make you nervous?” Jake smiled into her startled eyes. 
“No, I’m more comfortable with you than with anyone I know.” Emma dropped her gaze. To her horror she could feel a blush creeping into her cheeks. She wasn't sure what had gotten in to her. For a while there she had almost felt, well… normal.

Mary DeWeber Author Bio:

Mary DeWeber has always been a voracious reader. She often found unusual places to curl up with book including the branches of a sycamore tree! She spent hours entertaining her five children with stories that she would invent on the spur of the moment. Not afraid of tough subjects, her deep faith shines through her. Mary now resides in Arkansas in a hundred-year-old farmhouse with her husband Jeff and their dog Gretchen.

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