Thursday, July 24, 2014

Q&A with Author Jessica Gibson

Jessica Gibson – Interview Questions The Harder I fall 1. How long did you know you wanted to be a writer was it a lifelong dream/goal or is it something you just fell into? I always loved to read, but I never really knew I wanted to be a writer until my mid-twenties. ~I had been toying with some story ideas in my head but never would sit down and write. My husband was the one who finally told me to just do it. 2. What book(s) are you reading now. ~ Currently I’m re reading Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series for probably the 5th time. I just adore the story so much!! 3. Most of your books have a more supernatural flair to them. The Harder I Fall deals with several dramatic issues; murder, abandonment, alcoholism. Did you find it more difficult to write The Harder I fall? ~ I did get my start in paranormal, but last year I shifted more into the contemporary romance genre. I actually really enjoy writing contemporary romance, it’s so real, and the characters are people you could actually know in real life. I wouldn’t say it was more difficult, but it was for sure more emotional. Book related 1. How did you come up with Becca and Levi’s story? ~ As I wrote the book, Becca was so fragile, I just wanted to carry her around in my pocket and keep her safe. I knew I wanted Levi to be less frat boy and more caring. As crazy as it sounds, the characters sort of decided how they wanted the story to unfold. 2. Why Ballet? Was this one of your interests as a child? ~I had very different ideas for Becca when I first started writing the book. She changed it all. I wanted her to be a journalist, but when I started writing one of the ballet scenes popped out instead. I never was interested in ballet as a child, but I sure as heck am now! I watched so many ballet YouTube videos and tried to make my scenes as true to life as I could. Ballet is just so beautiful to me, so graceful. 3. Will we see more of Chad and the Klein family? ~You for sure will! Chad has his own book that just released called The Deeper We Get. It’s set 5 years from when The Harder I Fall ended. He’s very much a man. I love his character and who he became while I was writing the book.

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