Thursday, July 3, 2014

Twisting Fate - Charise Spiers

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Twisting Fate Cover

Twisting Fate

Fate Series Book #2

By: Charisse Spiers


Kinzleigh's life came crashing down after that tragic day leaving her in a whirlwind of despair. How do you move on from something when you have a secret no one knows; a constant reminder of something so beautiful that was taken as if it never existed? Kinzleigh Baker was the golden girl. She never partied or gave her parents an ounce of trouble. She sure as heck didn't venture out with boys. She had hopes and dreams that could only be obtained by keeping a clear head; free from emotions that only hold you back. She had her life planned out like a book, moving forward chapter by chapter. What she didn't expect was for fate to knock her off that pedestal she has been on by throwing at her one unexpected thing after another. Finally learning we can't always control the life we planned out for ourselves she accepted the destiny she was given and even embraced it, finding a love many people never experience in a lifetime. What happens, though, when fate laughs in your face just to drastically change it all again? Kinzleigh has realized hopes and dreams are useless. Why even bother trying when everything always gets taken from you? The only way to abstain from hurt is to have no aspirations or expectations. After finally trying to pick up the pieces of her life and live the only way she knows how, fate gets the last move again and throws in a twist no one expected. Will she finally get the ending to her story?

Accepted Fate

Fate Series Book #1 by: Charisse Spiers now available on

Accepted Fate

Fate Series Book #1 by: Charisse Spiers now available on

Accepted Fate

Fate Series Book #1 by: Charisse Spiers now available on

Accepted Fate

Fate Series Book #1 by: Charisse Spiers now available on Kobo

About The Author

Charisse is from the small town of Purvis, Mississippi and is the proud mother of one rambunctious four-year old. She developed a love for reading when she decided to give reading Ebooks a try in November of 2012. A love and obsession for books was born that she never knew existed. It blossomed and continued to grow with each completed read. She never in a million years imagined herself as a writer until she connected with another Indie author. Had it not been for that author’s leap of faith in telling her to give writing a shot she would not be where she is today. Writing has been an absolute dream come true and now she can’t imagine herself being without it. Her first novel, Accepted Fate was released on February 28,2014 and there are currently nine books planned for the Fate series.


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