Friday, April 18, 2014

The Sound of Crickets

I wish it were possible to give this more than 5 stars. I would give it at least 10. This is the best book I have read in a very long time. The idea of four women who have never met starting ab log together kind of threw me at first. The format of the book was very interesting and difficult to get into. However, once i did I literally could not put it down. I finished it today during my lunch break and I know half my office was wondering the hell was wrong with me. This story took me through every emotion possible.

As i started to read I kept looking for the mouse so I could click on the comment section and respond to the blog posts.  Some of the responders, Robert, made me want to punch them and others made me laugh and cry. The every days lives of four women were written so truthfully it would be simple for anyone, man or woman, to relate to the stories; two affairs, a woman realizing she wanted a child event though she had no significant other, a mother going through empty nest syndrome, and a family losing their wife and mother.

Marissa Farrar is certainly an author I plan to read more often. 

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