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Bayou Beckons by Linda Joyce

   Bayou Beckons by Linda Joyce
Series: Fleur de Lis Series (Book 3)
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Party-girl and bayou babe Camilla Lind treats life like a game. After sleeping with her sister’s fiancé, she’s struggling to change, but karmic payback is a bitch. When the actions of her past crash into the present, they stand to ruin her future...and destroy any chance of love with the only man she’s ever wanted. 

Rancher Jared Richardson guards his heart carefully after suffering the pain of infidelity. He 
never expected to fall for a woman like Camilla Lind, nor did he think he’d follow her across the country to beg for a second chance at love. 

As Hurricane Katrina bears down on them, can they weather the storm and put aside past hurts to embrace their future together?

Linda Joyce is an award-winning contemporary romance author born on Christmas Eve. Her Louisiana family’s roots run deep, and they’re intertwined with her Japanese heritage. Her vagabond childhood afforded her a variety of travel opportunities. Now she lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and their three dogs: General Beauregard, Gentleman Jack, and Masterpiece Renoir.

Linda penned her first manuscript while living in Japan as a U.S. Air Force dependent. Her classmates lined up at recess to read her latest pages. During high school in Florida, a literary magazine published her poetry. In college, she worked on the school’s newspaper as a reporter and learned layout and design.

A graduate of the University of Florida, Linda holds a Bachelor of Science in Management. She worked in corporate America, earned the Senior Claims Law Associate professional designation, and completed Six Sigma Green Belt training.

Linda is a self-professed foodie and has the kitchen of her dreams. She enjoys painting when she can fit it in. She and her husband, Don, love college football. They frequently go RVing, and at last count, they’ve traveled to twenty-one states with “the boys.”

Camilla eyed him suspiciously. How did he know about Cajun food?
“I’ve traveled south quite a bit. Look, if you don’t want to eat, at least have something to drink.” Jared offered a bottle of water.
“I’ll sit, on one condition.”
“Name it.”
She stalled. How did she tell him she couldn’t risk kissing him again?
“We’re only friends. Nothing more. Haley assured me you’re not engaged...Ryan is the one getting married.”
Jared drew back. “You didn’t believe me?”
“At the diner, Ryan said you had wedding business. Trixie said she was going to be the entertainment for a bachelor party. So I thought...”
“I can see where that might have been confusing.”
He had the good sense not to laugh. She credited him with that, though believing that she’d kissed an engaged man—and loved it, had sent her anxiety soring. That was all he had to say?
“Yes. Confusing,” she huffed.
“So now you know there’s nothing improper about my attraction to you.” His lips curved into a sexy smile. He crooked his finger, then patted a spot on the blanket beside him.
Camilla stood rigid. The man oozed with seduction. He didn’t understand the war taking place inside her. If she surrendered now, it would be the same as tumbling ten thousand feet off Rendezvous Mountain and landing crumbled at the bottom. She had to leave. Had to go home. She didn’t belong in Wyoming. Plus, she’d watched the agony her sister endured from a broken heart. Branna was stronger. Wiser. Had mended and bounced back.
But she wasn’t Branna.

Emotions swirled like an eddy. Thoughts tumbled in her mind. Love scared her more than she ever imagined. A broken heart just might kill her.

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