Sunday, May 24, 2015

BOUND, The Guardians #1 SALE

‘No good deed ever goes unpunished, Mellea…’

(BOUND, The Guardians #1)

Mellea Wendorn hasn’t exactly had a normal life. Misfortune seems to follow her, and her family, wherever she goes. 

However, when Mellea stops to assist a mysterious young man suddenly her prior hardships seem trivial. His name is Leo. He is a Successor, a child of the Guardians of Selestia. He is royalty. He is handsome. And he wants Mellea completely to himself. Unable to escape the Guardian's laws, Mellea must learn the ways of the royals. She is convinced her life can’t get much worse. But when a timeworn Guardian enemy arises from the shadows, Mellea must make a choice that will change her destiny forever.

He clenches my throat tighter. Things begin go fuzzy. My heart beats faster. I think about my family, how I should’ve listened to my father. He was right; no good deed ever did go unpunished. I’m petrified that now, I’m going to die because of it.

The man’s hand is ripped from my throat, by Leo. The Successor rushes in and pushes the man back. We topple backwards and both land on the ground. I cough from the strain on my neck. Once the air is back in my lungs, I glance around.

Leo wearily brings himself to his feet. ‘Enough, Grandfather. Leave her alone.’

‘What do you think you are doing?’ Dorkarn asks Leo. ‘Why do you interfere? What is this girl to you?’

Leo stands as straight as he can manage, making his way closer to the older man. The two are almost the same height: tall and powerful. The Successor glances at me in silence. His expression is muddled and confused. Unexpectedly, he gives me a strong nod, although it seems as if he’s nodding to himself.

‘Grandfather …I chose her.’

M.J. Stevens is a true storyteller.

For a long time, words were never her best friend. However, she has always had a creative spirit and writing became the lead way that she could share her ideas with the world. Today, it is her number one passion in life. 

"Writing is a craft. I'll never know everything, but you can be sure I'll try."

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